MPI Corp seeks to acquire businesses that meet all or most of the following criteria:

  • $0.3 million to $3 million in EBITDA. We target small to lower middle market companies or operation divestitures that would benefit from strong holding company infrastructure and resources.
  • Operations primarily within North America with HQ in Midwest. We favor companies whose headquarters are within a 5 hour drive of Indianapolis with operations concentrated, but not necessarily solely, in North America.
  • Activities principally in manufacturing, distribution, or asset-intensive services. We prefer companies with meaningful investments in tangible equipment and/or inventory assets in a wide variety of industries. We shy away from individual retail, restaurant or consumer services establishments as well as mining and construction companies.
  • Variety of business conditions. We tend to hold our investments, which fosters a long term view, so we are just as interested in companies in mature industries and/or distressed circumstances as we are in fast growth companies.
  • A culture compatible with our values. We operate our businesses by our values of integrity, excellence, and service, with the mission of building businesses and enriching lives.
  • Preferred industries would include:
    • Medical services
    • Financial services
    • Medical devices
    • Food manufacturing
    • Durable goods manufacturing (metals, textiles, wood products, rubber, stone, clay, electronics, industrial)
    • Printing and publishing
    • Entertainment
    • Communications
    • Distribution and wholesale trade in commodities, durable and non-durable goods
    • Oil & gas (excluding exploration)