Opportunity Collection & Review

MPI Corporation welcomes opportunities that meet our criteria from investment bankers, brokers, or business owners. Contact us with a memorandum or business description. Our CEO, CFO, or VP of Strategy will review the opportunity to assess if:

  • The opportunity is or can be a good fit culturally, strategically and financially.
  • MPI Corp has the knowledge and skills to add business value to the opportunity.
  • MPI Corp can make a difference in the lives of the stakeholders.

Since our interest is in businesses we can build and grow, and our participation level is more intensive than most, we only focus on a few opportunities at a time. We will strive to provide a prompt no, or move to the next phase of inquiry to learn more. With further information, we can construct our valuation, initial offer, and a letter of intent. NDA’s and other assurances of confidentiality are welcome, although we treat your information confidentially and with as much care as we would treat our own.

Due Diligence & Closing

Our due diligence process focuses on validating assumptions behind the valuation and identification of drivers of value and of risk. The diligence work is scaled to the transaction size and to the severity of the assumptions.

Once the due diligence is complete and we reach mutually agreed upon terms, we can execute the closing quickly. Without multiple outside financing sources to satisfy, we can execute the entire process, including the final payments, quickly.

Acquisition Integration

Our first step is simply to get to know the people and processes in place in more depth than is possible in the due diligence step. We will typically move quickly to integrate the business into our existing financial, information technology and human resources structure and address any gaps that need to be closed quickly. We then begin the long, but important process of working with the people in the new company to clarify purpose and goals, initiate culture and values, support and develop the leadership team and create strategies and action plans to accomplish our purpose and goals. Over time, we will layer in planning processes and human development programs. The objective of the integration is to cultivate strong relationships to build the business and enrich lives of all stakeholders over the long term.