MPI Corp builds businesses.

MPI Corp acquires and holds companies for which it can build business value. Unlike many investment companies, MPI Corp actively participates in its operating companies to help them develop to their fullest potential without becoming overbearing in its approach. Sometimes that participation is simply in the form of capital for investments in equipment or developing new markets. At other times our participation includes infusions of leadership, specific functional expertise, or critical services that the company may not have the resident capabilities or scale to fund. Along with its financial investment, MPI Corp provides a full array of support infrastructure for its operating companies including capabilities in general management, human and culture development, strategy and business development, financial and risk management, information technology, and operations improvement with a lean six-sigma approach. MPI Corp provides much more than a board seat perspective with its investment.

MPI Corp enriches lives.

MPI Corp builds businesses in order to enrich the lives of all its stakeholders – employees and their families, customers, investors, suppliers, and the communities where we live and work. We have achieved strong results while doing it the right way where all participants are blessed in the process. Business is the engine for this process. We build, manage and nurture our businesses for success over the long term. That engine, however, allows us to sustainably enrich lives not just with stable employment, wages and benefits, but also by cultivating strong relationships across all boundaries, creating a culture that inspires the greater good in all of us and everyone we touch, and fostering the ability to bolster our families and communities individually and collectively. MPI Corp is much more than just maximizing investment returns.