MPI Corp invests to build lasting businesses.

MPI Corp:

  • Acts decisively and quickly. MPI Corp has the cash, financing and resources to close on an acquisition without needing to satisfy multiple investors or a third-party financing source.
  • Brings infrastructure, not just a board seat. MPI Corp has a corporate structure to provide resources and assistance in general management, human and culture development, strategy and business development, finance and risk management, information technology, and operations management and improvement, that small companies may not have the scale to access.
  • Contributes human resources, not just capital. MPI Corp invests with the time and attention of the professionals within the corporate team and can also bring experienced operations and administrative personnel from other companies as needed.
  • Has a different culture and purpose. The purpose of MPI Corp is not singularly returns to shareholders, it is about building healthy, sustainable companies that enrich lives and provide opportunities to use our talents to serve and make a difference.
  • Invests and manages for the long term. While monthly performance metrics are closely watched and excellence is expected, MPI Corp does not drive short-term financial improvements at the expense of long-term positioning. Unlike many investment firms, MPI Corp is not looking for a liquidity event after 5 to 7 years. We believe that businesses and relationships should always be viewed through a long term lens.