MPI Corporation Adds Three New Hires


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – February 27, 2015. MPI Corporation has hired three professionals to increase capabilities and capacity in Human Development. Core to MPI Corporation’s mission to build businesses and enrich lives is the development of its people in their professional, leadership, and personal skills. Through investment in our people, we can build prosperous businesses that have lasting effects on the communities in which they operate, and on the people they employ and serve.

Patrick Caldwell has joined MPI Corporation as Human Development Manager for Corporate Programs. His responsibilities will include the creation and management of our onboarding program, management training programs, performance coaching system, and coordination of the Work & Beyond programs. Patrick will be helping determine areas that could use improvement, and implementing plans for better personal development company-wide.

Michael Federspill has joined MPI Corporation as Human Development Manager for Skills & Recruitment. His responsibilities include management recruitment, development of technical training curriculums, and developing and managing our skills assessments and databases. Michael will be working with universities, high school career centers, local agencies, and others to recruit talent and assess fit within our culture for the operating companies of MPI Corporation. He will also be responsible for assessing gaps within our skillsets, and assisting with succession planning and career development.

Doug Wilburn has joined MPI Corporation as Professional Skills Development Manager. Doug will be reviewing and improving current procedures in manufacturing operations. Doug will assess skill levels in key technical positions and develop, prioritize and execute skill development programs to ensure an internal supply of technical human resources to support the growth of the businesses.