Human Development

MPI Corp invests in people.

MPI Corp believes that its people are the key resources for not just building businesses, but also enriching lives at work, home or wherever they happen to be. With that perspective, it only makes sense to invest in the whole person to help transform our companies and communities. We invest in our people not just to develop critical work skills, but also to cultivate life skills with the hope and encouragement that they will apply them at work as well as beyond our walls.

Leadership Development

Sustaining our culture and realizing our vision relies upon strong leaders who embrace our values and apply a servant leadership style. MPI Corp does not leave such a critical component for business success to chance, but instead has heavily invested in its own leadership academy to train and develop future corporate leaders from within the organization. Every two years, MPI Corp executives select a small group of middle managers and leadership candidates from across all of the companies to participate in Doule Academy, named from the Greek word δουλε, for someone who chooses the vocation of servant, as used in the parable of the talents. Doule Academy is a two year intensive leadership training program designed to develop servant leaders.

Professional Development

Critical skills for the operation of our businesses can be difficult to find and require years to develop. Therefore, through internal training programs and identified network of external resources, MPI Corp has developed and continues to develop an “MPI Corp University” to ensure a continuous supply of skilled people to fill critical operating and business roles throughout the MPI Corp businesses. Our people regularly share the skills they develop across company boundaries and often times have careers that span multiple companies.

Work and Beyond

The whole person comes to work. When a person encounters health issues, or challenges at home, or struggles with relationships within or outside the company, their lives as well as the productivity of the company can suffer. MPI Corp provides employees through regular training intervals with skills to:

  • Manage their personal health and well-being including company-provided health assessments, wellness programs, health coaching, and incentives for taking steps to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Relate with one another at work and in their personal lives through courses on relational intelligence and conflict management.
  • Manage their financial health by providing workshops that help each participant better understand and develop strategies for personal budgeting, saving and investing, debt management, giving, etc.


Community Application

MPI Corp encourages its people to apply their gifts and the skills they have developed at work to help build their communities. Our people independently lead charities, actively minister in their churches, serve on boards, coach youth sports, build homes for the impoverished, feed the under-resourced and serve in a variety of other ways to make a difference. We also provide structured opportunities during work to serve in activities such as Live United Day where our people use their mechanical and electrical skills to upgrade structures in our communities in need of repair and Cristo Rey Network where we hire and mentor high school interns from typically low income backgrounds to help provide real world work experience in preparation for college and life. We understand that the reach of our people goes well beyond our company walls. We encourage and participate with our people to make a difference where we live.