Clay Barnes

“Putting leadership in perspective, I have always been captured by the parable of the talents in the Bible. The talents entrusted to me—capital, time, the skills of our people… They are not mine to possess. Rather, I am to invest them according to our mission. Not bury them out of complacency, comfort or fear.”

Clay T. Barnes has been with MPI Corporation full time since 1995 and as a board member since 1988. In his role as President & CEO, Clay is responsible for leading the organization, establishing and communicating vision, direction and broad based business strategy and serving those he has empowered to execute strategy by providing counsel, resources, encouragement and accountability. Clay has served in several capacities within MPI Corp ranging from leading mergers & acquisitions to running operating companies.

Prior to joining MPI Corp, Clay was President & CEO of Blocksom & Co., based in Michigan City, Indiana, after spending the early part of his career working for Fortune 500 companies, Baxter Healthcare Corporation and FMC Corporation, both in the Chicago area.

Clay T. Barnes
President & Chief Executive Officer
B.S. Mechanical Engineering | Northwestern University
M. Engineering Management | Northwestern University
M.B.A. | Northwestern University